Higher meaning behind my business

I feel like explaining and getting clear about what it is that I want to do in my soulbiz. It is not just sewing and selling colorful kids clothing… For me it’s much more!

I found out and I feel very clearly that I am here, in this world, to be an advocate for freeing our children and spread awareness about how children are controlled and not treated respectfully and equal to other human beings.

I believe that children come into this world with everything they need. They are all-knowing about so many things that have to do with their senses. E.g. they know when they are hungry, when they they are full, when they need closeness and when not. And their calling and reason why they are here are all inside their hearts from the very beginning. Obviously they communicate in a different way then we sometimes think to understand. But if a parent or a person that is very close to a little child pays attention and becomes aware of the cues, there will be a lot of understanding and communication will work well.

Even just about a year ago, I still thought that babies come into this world with pretty much zero knowledge and that I, as a parent, am here to instill everything into them…that they have to learn everything. I am so grateful that on my personal journey in the past year, I had this big mindshift and realization that we need to treat children as equally human being as we are. It’s not ok to think that children need to be taught anything. We can’t talk down to them as if we are worth more. We need to put ourselves on the same level with our children.

Parents are not there to control their children. They were chosen by their children to be their facilitators to help their them develop to be their highest and best self and to see in their children what’s already there, the light that is deep down there, in their hearts…

For me it’s super important that children are not silenced when they scream out their needs. We chose to be parents, so now if we love our children unconditionally, we should want to satisfy their needs. There should be no judgement and never any thought of that they want to manipulate us.

Children are pure, honest, innocent and want to cooperate and it’s our job to preserve all these traits in them and understand their cooperation.

Since we are not so pure and innocent anymore, how do we get back to that state?

Let’s start listening to our children and learning from them. They show us everything they need. We can learn how to understand and fulfill their needs and wants. And the coolest thing is that they show us a lot about ourselves, too. They are like little mirrors and if you are honest to yourself and not afraid of your true self, they are amazing teachers.

A good first step is to start being aware of when we step into this parent-machine or robot … and start to control their every step or thought or decision.

For me this usually happens when I think we are on a limited time frame. E.g. a child needs to pick clothes, get dressed and eat breakfast before leaving for some appointment… I get nervous when he changes his mind for the third time about his outfit and then doesn’t want to get dressed and can’t eat quick enough…. (everybody knows these scenarios, I am sure.)

So, I step in and want to pick clothes or tell him that he can’t change his outfit again which ends in a big tantrum….at the end we are late and I feel already exhausted at 9am.

Instead I try to step out and do this: I let him do his thing. I offer my help if he wants it. I make sure that he feels that I respect his decisions…and at the end we are less late than we would have been with me controlling him AND I feel good about us and myself and not exhausted like in the example above…

This is just one example. I could name a hundred more when kids are too controlled by their parents, like eating habits, space to play freely, screen time, bedtime,….

What does this have to do with my sewing business?

When I sew I create a piece of clothing that I put in a lot of thought and a lot of love for the person that will wear it. That’s why I love custom orders so much. I like to have a specific child in mind that I am sewing for, but also if it’s not a specific child, I do think about if some tag could itch or a seam could be putting pressure somewhere or things like this…

Sewing baby clothes is one thing that I like because they look so cute, so small and I try to make them as comfy and good feeling as I can, so that a baby is not at all limited in its movements because of the outfit it is wearing.

The other thing I love is to consult with older toddlers or young children (roughly age 3-10). They usually have such good ideas of what they like and would like to wear. It’s so much fun to have children pick their own style of clothing and colors and fabrics.

I think it is so important to let them dress themselves, pick their own clothes. It just doesn’t matter if their shirts match their pants or not. They are children! They need to feel good in what they are wearing. They need to be in charge of themselves to establish and preserve self-love and self esteem.

Every child is an individual, so why shouldn’t they dress themselves this way, individually. I think it’s the coolest thing to see children that are free in expressing themselves in their clothing or other ways that differ from the mainstream. I think this is very healthy for them and their self-growth.

As a part of my business I invite children to my studio (sewing room) to consult with me about fabrics for a new piece of clothing for themselves. It’s usually a dress or a shirt. Sometimes it goes really quick. Other times it takes a little bit of time to look through all the options there are…how many different fabrics they could possibly pick 🙂

It’s so great to then see them confidently wearing their new outfit that they put together ❤

The gift of freedom

So, if you want to gift your child with some freedom, fun and a beautiful new piece of one-of-a-kind clothing, please contact me and we’ll set up an appointment for your child to come to my house. (Send me an email to nonimadewithlove@gmail.com or message me here or on Favebook)

Of course, you are invited to come along, but you are not allowed to take part in the decision process. This is a gift to yourself! You will feel these urges of wanting to control the process coming up in you, I am sure! And then you just breathe and watch your child and his or her confidence and you will feel proud of yourself and your child! ❤

If you are not in the area, we can arrange a way for your child to still being able to pick his or her favorite fabrics. You would send me some favorite colors or themes and I would send your child photos of a bunch of different fabrics that he or she can pick from. It’s on you to not take over any control in the decision process! I would sew the piece and then send it to you.

To get an idea of prices, please visit my Etsy shop for different styles and sizes. There is no extra surcharge for a personal consultation of 15-30 minutes! https://www.etsy.com/shop/NoNiMadewithlove

All examples that were designed by kids:

Or head over to Chelley’s blog, the second item in her holiday gift guide is a dress that I made for her daughter and it fits her perfectly! https://aisforadelaide.com/2016/11/07/the-7-ultimate-custom-gift-hothe-7-ultimate-custom-gifts-holiday-gift-guideliday-guide/

With much love and gratitude,