Since July 2018 I am calling myself a coach. I don’t like the term life coach, so I’ve been thinking about what I want to be called and I haven’t found the perfect term yet, but I am sure that this will come to me when I am ready.

In the past years I had so many insights in my own life with the help of coaches and women, that I met in coaching programs. I received so much love and understanding,  that I didn’t know existed before. I felt like I had to figure out my own life by myself and I struggled. I knew something was missing, but what? I am sure I would have gotten somewhere in many years in the future, but I am here right now feeling so grateful for all these people in my life. And so thankful in how quick I got where I am now. I built myself a support system that works for me and I don’t feel like I am on this path alone any more. I am now able to open up and feel safe around these people and also in other areas of my life. I feel so loved and worthy of a life of my dreams.

I trust that we are all here on earth to help each other.  No one should feel alone or left out. There is so many of us with similar struggles. We can inspire each other and learn from each other and still walk on our very own path of life.

I am ready to do the part that I am here for on this planet. I am ready to serve. I love to support people to get closer to their soul and their heart purpose. I experienced first hand how much help it was to enter a safe place where I felt comfortable to open up and find myself and figure out who I really am.

These days we are so busy raising children, making money, consuming all kinds of things and especially holding up an image of ourselves to society that isn’t really us. We don’t have the time to slow down and go deeper to check if we are feeling ok with what’s going on in our lives.

We might have a feeling of unhappiness or dissatisfaction, but we think that we just have to go through it or that this is life… Life is happening to us.

But this is not the truth! We are the creators of our reality! We are super powerful human beings, if we take the time to understand and start creating.

There is a soul purpose that we were given and for a fulfilled and happy life, it’s important to live it. If we don’t, we’ll always feel like something is missing.

I am here to help you slow things down and dig deep. I’d love to support you in 1:1 coaching sessions to access what’s already inside of you. Your truth and your beliefs are probably hidden under all kinds of blocks that were created in your life up until now. Let’s work on unraveling your truth by getting rid of the limiting beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.

Let’s understand that: You are not alone! You are worth it to be loved. You are worthy of happiness and a fulfilled life. You are enough. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. ❤

I’ll create this safe place for you where you can explore yourself, your feelings and your needs and start to act on them. Everything is totally confidential.

To book a free exploratory coaching session with me, please get in touch with me. I’ll check my availability and come back to you within hours. But you you do the first step. Always know that you are worth it!

I am very much looking forward to talking to you!

Much love, aNNika