Imagine your perfect world…

This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to share something that is so deeply coming from my heart.

Do you know this feeling when something people do or say totally touches you? In a way that you feel like YES! This just feels so good and this is part of my CALLING and part of why I am here on this EARTH! …and it gives you goosebumps all over?!

And this, of course, is something very different for everybody of us and that’s exactly why we all have our space to be in this world.

So, this little true story I will write down now could bore you to the brim, but it made me so ecstatic and joyful. It literally made my day and many more!

Last week we were at the airport in Austin, TX to get on our flight back home. While we checked our bags and got the tickets at the check-in counter, my boys started to fight and wrestle each other…(normal scenario these days).

I took them out of the line and let my husband finish up the ticketing procedure.

The three of us walked towards the security checkpoint when a man stopped besides us and looked at us. He said “You guys are a colorful bunch!” or something like this and he complemented Noah for his hat. I answered him with “That’s what we like to be!” πŸ™‚

And what I thought was, we really are much less colorful today then we can be πŸ™‚ And I really don’t like small talk, but I like when our colorfulness is noticed…

We walked a couple of steps further when I noticed that he really wanted to sayΒ  something more. I stopped and looked at him and he told me that he works for some company that builds sailboats and yachts. He said that he once had a customer that had this crazy color scheme going on in his order for a sailboat. He went back to him and wanted to make sure that this was really what the customer wanted, because in their aesthetic it just looked ridiculous. The costumer came back to him and showed him a drawing that his 7 year old autistic son had made and that exactly showed how the boat had to be.

And this absolutely incredible father made his son’s wish come true. And the man said that the family could not have been happier with the end result. It was the perfect sailboat for this particular family and all of them just loved it.

I feel so deeply thankful and in love with the way that they honored this child! And they made this impact on so many people at the boat company that they’ll never forget.

For me this is such a neat example for freedom and individuality. I know that every person is here to create just exactly what they like and what they need! It’s time to embrace our individuality! This world does not have to be black and white! We must get out there and make our world colorful and beautiful, just the way we love it!

Let’s give every person, especially children the same space to do the same! No judgement, no rules, just freedom and LOVE!!! ❀


I would love to hear from you what moves you to goosebumps and tears?

With much love and a colorful HUG,




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